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Project Seminar: Global Environmental Change

Regular course within the BSc Geography and Geography studies for Teachers at Marburg University.

Course Description

This module aims at the detection and analyses of global spatio-temporal change patterns. The aim is to produce a global change index on country level and to explore which patterns emerge and why they do.

The course is divided into two main sections:

  • Expert stage: In the first part of the course we will team up to form expert groups focusing on several environmental parameters (e.g. climate, land cover, demographics, …)
  • Integration stage: Once we have acquired our expertise we will mix up the groups to integrate the gathered knowledge to formulate a general change index and describe and analyse the emerging patterns.


The course has 1 session per week, 4 hours per session.

Session Topic Content Excercise
1 Definition of index General definition and collection of potential parameters R basics
2 Data acquisition Gathering of relevant data sets Control structures and loops
3 Data sets Presentation of data sets Spatial data I/O in R (Tim)
4 Data handling Spatial data manipulation I Coordinate reference systems
5 Raster Vector operations Spatial data manipulation II Basics of vector data manipulation
6 Data handling II Spatial data manipulation III Raster calculations
7 Data handling III Spatial data manipulation IV Raster - vector operations and rescaling
8 Index generation I Combine raster and vector data Trend analysis
9 Index generation II Index generation of relevant parameters, Presentations of subindices open
10 Group presentation/reorganisation Planning of final index generation no excercise (group presentations)
11 Global index generation I Generation of final change index I Visualising spatial data I
12 Global index generation II Generation of final change index II Visualising spatial data II
13 Global index generation III Generation of final change index III Presenting scientific projects
14 Poster presentation
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