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Project Seminar: Hemeroby

Regular course within the BSc Geography and Geography studies for Teachers at Marburg University.

Course Description

This module aims in the detection and analyses of landscape patterns based on field observations and remote sensing. These patterns and their environmental analyses are crucial in a wide field from land-use planning, biodiversity and hemeroby assessment as well as landscape ecology.

The individual sessions can be grouped into three sections:

  • Plot-scale study: in sessions 1 to 3 we will look for spatial patterns in preselected test areas within the urban region of Marburg. In this first step, structures of urban development and vegetation will be sampled using field measurement techniques. This data will be subsequently analyzed regarding patterns of the ‘human imprint’ (hemeroby).
  • Landscape remote sensing: In sessions 4 to 9 we will change to a landscape ecological perspective. Based on a short recapitulation of some principles of optical and LiDAR remote sensing, the study area will be classified based on the plot survey.
  • Hemeroby mapping: in sessions 10 to 13 we will predict hemeroby patterns for the urban region of Marburg and compare results with characterizations retrieved from the plot-based study in order to assess their accuracy.


The course has 1 session per week, 3 hours per session.

Session Topic Content
1 Introduction to the concept of hemeroby Definition
2 Classifying hemeroby Mapping keys for Marburg
Selection of test areas
3 Mapping hemeroby Field survey
4 Modelling hemeroby in geo-data sets Digital hemeroby survey
5 Remote sensing in a nutshell Relevant sensors and concepts
6 Preparation of data sets I Computation of artificial data sets I
7 Preparation of data sets II Computation of artificial data sets II
Workflow modelling for land cover classifications
8 Land cover classifications Evaluation of different algorithms
9 Land cover classifications II Validation
10 Land cover classifications III Final lan cover classification
11 Hemeroby classification I Preparation of GIS datasets
12 Hemeroby classification II GIS-based mapping
13 Verification Indicators to estimate agreements
14 Wrap up
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