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Project Seminar: Stand structure and LiDAR

Regular course within the BSc Geography and Geography studies for Teachers at Marburg University.

Course Description

The module aims in the retrieval and analysis of landscape patterns across different scales.

The individual sessions can be grouped into three sections:

  • Plot-scale study: in sessions 1 to 6 we will look for spatial patterns of a ~50 by 50 meter forest plot. In a first step, the 3D location and DBH of all trees will be sampled using simple field measurement techniques. This data is subsequently analyzed regarding the distribution of the tree species.
  • Landscape remote sensing: In sessions 9 to 12 we will change to a landscape ecological perspective. Based on a short recapitulation of some principles of optical and LiDAR remote sensing, the study area around the afore mentioned forest plot will be characterized using a small set of landscape metrics.
  • Cross-scale comparison: in sessions 13 to 14 we will compare the characterizations retrieved from the plot- and landscape-scale study.
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