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Advanced GIS

Regular course within the MSc Physical Geography at Marburg University.

Course Description

The individual sessions can be grouped into three sections:

  • Rerun and introduction considering the basic GIS and geoinformatic concepts of space, representing of real objects, data and georeferencing. This includes a very brief introduction of the major open source software tools for spatial data manipulation, analysis and visualisation.
  • GIS trip. We will use a bunch of tools and approaches to answer questions and to solve problems.In the beginning we will do this by fair means (e.g. manually), but like always we need soon operational and automated solutions
  • We try to identify adequate aproaches to visualize and to present the solutions and results.

Have fun!


The course has 1 session per week, 4 hours per session.

Session Topic Content
Some GI Basics
1 Some Basics Abstraction, data models, georeferencing, software
2 What do I see Concepts, data and operationalisation, Do it in Qgis
3 First think - than act Problem statement go ahead, derive a working schedule
Entities suffers without names
4 T-8 system and holding QGIS, SAGA & GRASS howto install and maintain
5 Exposition curvature and drainages QGIS, SAGA & more, command line (cli) calls from R
6 Spatial Relationships an scale QGIS, SAGA & more, command line (cli) calls from R
7 The power of flowing water is static Implementation check of the complete algorithm, dealing with files data and results
8 Spatial Entities Do it in R - the raster package and friends
9 T-4 and holding Build-in hold to finish up the classification sessions
Seen one, seen 'em all
10 Timber! Looping and selecting individdual geobjects, aggregation and estimation
11 Forest inventories SAGA & GDAL from command line, functions and structural scripting
Reuse and share
12 Web maps share informations Easy going interactive multilayer web maps information
13 Wrap up Feedback and goodbye
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