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W04-1: Spectral indices

As a preparatory step for the intended landcover classification, this workshop will cover some visible indices which integrate more than one band value in a single data layer which is useful for visual analytics or if one has to consider overfitting when using remote sensing information as explanatory data in statistical prediction models.

After completing this worksheet you should have gained some experience in transforming literature information into useful functions.

Things you need for this worksheet

  • R — the interpreter can be installed on any operation system. For Linux, you should use the r-cran packages supplied for your Linux distribution. If you use Ubuntu, this is one of many starting points. If you use Windows, you could install R from the official CRAN web page.

  • R Studio — we recommend to use R Studio for (interactive) programming with R. You can download R Studio from the official web page.

  • Git environment for your operating system. For Windows users with little experience on the command line we recommend GitHub Windows.

  • Remote sensing index database - a database with an overview of indices used in remote sensing applications.

  • your final files cross-checked as part of W03-2: Cross check tiles

Visible indices

:-\ Select three appropriate indices from the [IDB] database which potentially highlight selected features of our study area. Write an R function which takes the RGB stacks of our aerial images and returns a stack of indices.

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