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W09-1: Training sites, again

This worksheet revisits the selection of training sites.

After completing this worksheet you should have a full set of training sites based on the image segments from the previous worksheet.

Things you need for this worksheet

  • GIS — most commercial or open source GIS systems will be fine. For open source software running on Ubuntu Linux, the Ubuntu GIS package is a good choice. For Windows, it will be a good choice installing everything via the OSGeo4W environment and not individually. Actually both repositories make available a comprehensive bundle of GI -tools and software packages. We will focus on GRASS, QGIS and SAGA. On the commercial side, ArcGIS is one of the powerful options.

  • your results from W08-1: Segmentation

Training areas

:-\ Please use the image segmentation vector layer from W08-1 to create a sufficient list of training areas for the following land-cover classes:

  1. forest classes (see forest map), ID-range 1, 99
  2. field classes, ID-range: 101, 199
  3. settlement and infrastructure classes, ID-range: 201, 299
  4. other classes (shadow etc.), ID-range: 301, 399

Attribute table columns should be named: LCC_ID, LCC_NAME

:-\ Combine these classes into one shape file. Make sure you use the EPSG 25832 reference system.

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