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OpenSource QGIS

Regular course within the Bachelor of Science Geography at Marburg University.

Course Description

The individual sessions can be grouped into four sections:

  • Rerun and introduction considering the basic GIS and geoinformatic concepts of space, representing of real objects, data and georeferencing. This includes a very brief introduction of the major open source software tools for spatial data manipulation and analysis.
  • How to set up and organize a medium complex project dealing with heterogeneous data.
  • Preparing and manipulating all kinds of freely accessible data to derive a topographic map
  • Presenting the result on paper and various digital representations

Have fun!


The course has 1 session per week, 2 hours per session.

Session Topic Content
L01 Introduction Conceptual framework , Setup of project and data
Content, software, installation of OS and software
L02 Dealing with vector data styles Filter and expressions
Query Builder
Rule based styling and symbol levels
L03 The OpenStreetMap world Short excursion to OSM
Getting the Data and QGIS-OSM Plugins
L04 Cycle Map with OSM-Data: Points Start building your own cycle map
L05 Cycle Map with OSM-Data: Lines Style ways, streams and borders
L06 Cycle Map with OSM-Data: Polygons Style landuse, buildings and waters
L07 Raster processing merge, cut, filter, hillshade, styling - and (maybe) contours
L08 Final fine tuning bringing all layers in the right order and blending
L09 Wrap it to a paper or web mapPrint Composer; qgis2web & more
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