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How to work with Marburg Open Courseware

MOC generally servers as a blended-learning oriented platform rather than a complete distance learning package. This means that most of the modules provided via MOC are taught face-to-face in the respective courses of study. Consequently, the slides must be regarded as prepared for heavily interactive lectures. This is also true for the working sheets, although we generally supply a kind of best-practice solution (or to be more precise, one of many possible solutions which works).

If you want to use MOC for distance learning anyhow, we recommend that you start each session with the respective lecture notes (if available) and follow the instructions given within regarding the working sheets or other exercises.

The icons have the following meaning:

  • :-? Practice
  • 8-o Readings (relevant for the module)
  • m( Further readings (not of direct relevance for the modules)
  • 8-) Learning log assignments
Please note that images linked from are included on this page using the share function of flickr which also includes a direct link to the artists homepage (just click on the image to follow it). For technical reasons, these images have no captions and hence do not directly indicate the artist. Please hover your mouse over the images to see the artist.

To start with, select a module from the menu to the left.

If you have any suggestions, criticism or just a question, please contact us.

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